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We’re Moving!


In 2009 Stolen Outfitters was born in Baltimore, MD. In 2010 it was given a body in the form of a shop built in the basement of our home in Pikesville, MD.  After 6 years of producing Stolen Outfitters apparel as well as completing jobs for various clients including Vegan Soul Fest, Free Dumb Apparel and the Black Running Organization, we are preparing to enter our next chapter of being in Lawrenceville, GA.

Among the many things we will be leaving behind, certain aspects of the shop will not only be missed but will have to be replaced. This is why going through GoFundMe to reach out to our overly awesome following to help us transition into this next chapter without a hiccough.

The $3500 we are seeking will be used to purchase the following:

Screen Drying Cabinet-
Our old house had a dark room. The new house has a 2 car garage. To compensate for the loss of a dedicated light-safe room, I have to invest in a light safe cabinet for screens in the curing process. Beyond being a quality control solution it is also a significant upgrade to the shop as a whole because it decreases the time required for screens to cure and the likelihood that they will be contaminated during the process.

Washout Booth-
The second addition needed is a washout booth. I used a plastic bin, back muscles and an utility sink to do washouts for 6 years. It worked but our new situation doesn’t include a utility sink. The washout booth will save my back, decrease the amount of time it takes to reclaim screens and backlighting the washout booth will allow for more accurate washouts when developing screens.–ZwrKUl

Screen Racks-
We are at the 50 screen mark and it is passed time for screen racks. For the sake of order and to extend the life of the screens we depend on, these are a must.–ZwrKUl

The balance would be used for various supplies such as screens, tape, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and -of course- ink.

Our move is scheduled for 3-26-16. We have already started to make provisions. This campaign is to ensure that house needs are kept separate from shop ambitions. All new equipment would be shipped to the new address so while the funds are needed immediately any funds received would not be used until we move.

The growth of this brand is important to my entire household and I would extend that to my community at large. We focus on positive imagery where it is a common practice to promote trendy concepts that lack substance. We have maintained this niche for several years in obscurity and would like to make full use of Georgia as a new direct market but also continue to further our online presence and following. It is of the utmost importance that my children see not only this home-based business grow and their Parents control it but they also need to see that the people power everything so that they might recognize their role in the future. If I can show them where we asked, what we offered in exchange and what we received FROM THE PEOPLE, they will understand that nothing is free and balance is everything.

My thanks for contributions will come in various forms of Stolen Outfitters discounts and goods.

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I am not a fan of hollow promises.

“I’ll work on that….”

“I’ll get back to you….”

“We’ve got 40 acres and a mule for your sacrifices….”

You know?

I released the B piece not long after B did her thing at the Super Bowl and pissed part of the world off. I presented shirts and foil prints. Not the debut of my foil prints but this particular post drew enough attention to make me take a step back and truly consider this product I treat as a novelty.

I told the people I would figure out how to make these prints something more than a point of purchase offering. <—Enter opportunity for hollow promise.

I did a little research and found out I was looking in the wrong place for mailing tubes every time I searched prior. I not only found great tutorials on how to safely ship prints but also several sources for inexpensive mailing tube options. One option won me over immediately.

I chose to rock w/ the triangle mailing tubes because they ship flat to me. From the gate, that saves me money on the shipping side. Cyclinders would have taken up more space, amounting in a bigger shipping box and a higher rate. The next upside is receiving them flat gives me the opportunity to print on them. Important for branding. On a cylinder I would only be able to add a sticker. On a triangle, I can print my preexisting branding elements but I also get the option to add triangle stickers to the caps to style on the oglers a bit. Also, they’re triangles. I love triangles.

On the shipping side, they cost 65% less than what I was coming across at first and they don’t rollover on conveyors which makes it easier for the workers actually handling them during shipping.

First order will go out tomorrow. Anyone interested in foil prints delivered should thank Alexandria Eddings ( who is no pushover w/ this graphic design thing ) for not just talking about it but being about it and placing her order. It forced my hand (both of them actually) and here we are. <— Exit opportunity for hollow promise. Enjoy the sensation of follow through and achievement.

Print listings coming soon (like right after I pick my Daughter up from Day Care). #UHURU

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