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Lab Work #4

At Stolen Outfitters, we’re not particularly fond of either zombies or snitches. Zombies are mindless consumers of the living and Snitches are not always truthful or in the interest of justice. Since we make statements through fashion, we felt it was only right to billboard this notion on a shirt while playing off of pop culture…at the same damn time.

These are available for the Fall in Sand and Moss tees ($25) as well as heather grey crewnecks ($45). Perfect for Back-To-School (especially if you write your own curriculum.)



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Lab Work #3

We do a fair amount of work at Stoutfitters. Basically, we do everything short of sewing the shirt (and who knows what the future holds). Something we do regularly is Print On Demand. We do keep inventory of certain key products but we try to stay swift and changeable to adjust to the market and our target demographic’s taste fluctuations. Not everyone likes our color choices and we are open to suggestions. That pertains to shirt and ink colors.

Just recently, I got 2 orders from my strong peoples, Kaz and Sean. Their orders were considered Print On Demand because we didn’t have any of what they requested in stock and/or had to devise a colorway that didn’t exist prior to the order. For example, The Electic Geometric below is listed on the site but we only printed purple on black originally. The red on black from the shop page was but a theory until it was ordered and produced. This is how we resist commitment to dead stock and having to mark things down to move them. We experiment in our lab and compare notes with our clients to find out what’s wanted and what works. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Peace to Sean and Kaz for the support!

So don’t take the Contact Us page (it’s the drop down under Blog) for granted. If you have a request as far as colorways are concerned, by all means submit it. If it can be done, we will do it. You get to sport it AND a shout out in a Lab Works post.




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Lab Work #1


Here’s a little Lab Work (which we’ll probably make into it’s own category). Here we test shirt styles against designs and colorways to see what makes sense. The result is a lot of one of ones that we use as working models to gauge the public. We’ve been using Twitter and Facebook to showcase the experiments but now we have a blog so….BAM!!…we’re dumping flicks over here too.

Deposit your feedback in the comment section and, if it’s that useful ( realistic, constructive, technical, fashion-forward, etc.. ) you might win something ( “something” meaning a shirt and “might” meaning there’s a damn good chance ).







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Almost There…

We’re rapidly approaching a launch date for our humble website. As I stated in the post prior, the original site had more prominent aesthetic elements but the new site is functional. Function is more important to us than surface appeal at this point. I know that that seems odd given that we have an apparel company but there is a deeper message in it. We should look neat but be organized to a degree that challenge doesn’t appear so. We should be prepared to learn what we know not, to do what we previously could not. We should be 1 with our actions and not just in accord with our appearance.

We were actually breaking the brand by rushing into that first site. All of our designs are born of deep thought. They’re not for simple minded fashionistas. The original site, while visually appealing, didn’t live up to our mantra of self-determination and served as a catalog but not a store. The new site will be a store and beyond.

It has already given me an opportunity to get a grip on a beast I’ve avoided since I attended school for Visual Communications. That beast is HTML or CSS to be more specific. With the help of W3Schools I was able to go in and style the Stoutfitters site just enough to make it suitable for public consumption. I am not only excited to be able to say that but I am also charged at the fact that I now have a better understanding of markup, code and using Firebug to identify web elements. This will surely help me get deeper into studying Web Development/Design, tweaking the sites I have up and rebuilding this site after it gets old to my eyes.

In the meantime, the store is still on demo until we plug in the inventory values but you can definitely peruse the shop to see our offerings. Launch coming soon!


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Hello world! (from the founders of Stolen Outfitters)

I actually enjoy seeing the Hello World post that represents the launch of yet another WordPress blog. Though they don’t always rise to power, they are all born with that ode to optimism “Hello World”. This is ours.

We built this site once before. It was a little edgier and way less functional. As the company grew, the desire for the public to purchase from us in an automated fashion also became more profound. We thought our brand of organic marketing made the company more personal. Everyone that ordered a shirt up to this point had to speak to the founders of Stolen to complete the transaction. The novelty didn’t always translate as hip. Also, you lose the 24/7/365 potential of online shops when your hustle revolves around emails and phone calls. They still have their place but evolution beckons.

As you can see, we’re still very much under construction but we felt compelled to re-establish our brand’s organic marketing platform by adding a blog where there wasn’t one prior. It’s only right. We’re doing a lot more now than when we started. bringing the printing responsibilities in-house has given us flexibility, joy, stress and a lot of reasons to take pictures and write posts to keep Stolen Alumni updated.

So here we are. Still building. Still printing. Still styling. Still refusing to stay still. Hello World!

– Don