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Client Science #2: Brother Vital

As a parent, you may find yourself spending a lot of time around moon bounces and inflatable castles filled with children working the sugar out of their systems flipping about and testing their healing factors by landing on each other. On a pleasant Saturday, I found myself in a 45% vacant mall (The Plaza on Reisterstown Rd) at their bouncing situation. We were 3 families deep. 6 kids and 6 adults. While manning my Daughter’s carriage and tracking my Sun through the chaos, I got into an interesting build with a good Brother and close friend of our family, Cleeford Vital. We spoke about Child Support, custody and how the courts ultimately separate families and create situations where the role of Fathers are severely limited. A couple of the other Brothers within earshot added on. After that conversation eased up, Brother Vital commented about my shirt. He recognized the Olmec head. I explained that it was from a line I was developing for Stolen called Old Headz and the particular design I was wearing was called a Soulmec. Months later, he ordered a hoody and a t-shirt with the Soulmec on both.

I am featuring Brother Vital not only for being a good Father, Friend and reference for stability and level headedness but also because he is one of the few clients who used Stolen’s Instagram feed to order an unreleased product. To date, he is the only person with a charcoal Soulmec Hoody. I don’t even have one.

Thank you for your support Brother Vital!





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  1. Thank you brother i appreciate you and encourage you to continue to be who you are and success will follow your path.

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