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Client Science #3: Scoota Habib

If you know a little something about me, you know I’m an MC. If you don’t know much about Hip Hop, you may think that’s a Rapper. That would be the equivalent of comparing a Power Walker to an Olympic Runner. No disrespect to the power walkers. If you know me know me, you know I come from a group called Ahbseen Kwestions (which happens to be my IG username and Twitter handle, although I don’t deal with that bird directly anymore). My rap partner/comrade is Scoota Habibeaux aka Trife Selassie of Newark Fame.

Whereas I scaled back my musical productions to get deeper into the design/print field, Habibeaux went into a higher gear. Linking his Physical Brother, Elespee’s, New Orleans based Music Group, Guerilla Publishing with NY based Record Label, Bartleby Records, has produced a new brand in the form of GPNYC.

As not only an artist on the roster but also as an Executive within the company, Habibeaux has continued to carry the AK flag on into the future while upholding our standard of excellence and our propensity for conceptualization and creativity. On songs like On Entry (Ode To Dres) he effortlessly but methodically tears through his ode to Black Sheep MC, Dres, over the original guitar loop to their classic, Black With NV.

I am actually featured on Habibeaux’s recent release, Aftanoons, on a song aptly titled, Illustrator Music. Peep the verses. No flexing. We’re both true and living designers and Illustrators. It’s part of our culture.

After doing some design work for GPNYC, I was offered a slot to complete a full length music project through them. It will most likely be something for Stolen Outfitters. Stay tuned for that.

Habibeaux placed an order with me for a She-thiopian Warri-her, red on black. I sent him a JK and a Log Off on the strength. I know they will be well represented.


2 thoughts on “Client Science #3: Scoota Habib

  1. she thiopian warri her is a dope t-shirt , where can i find it online?

    1. You can do a search on this site or you can email me direct to discuss customization options.

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