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Client Science #1: The Best Family

Since our humble stumble on to the scene we have garnered interest from people of all types. We can’t honestly say we expected any particular demographic to embrace our works more than another but we did forge the business with filling a void in mind. We wanted to design and print garments that family could be comfortable wearing around family. We wanted to produce wears that seam generations together instead of sequestering them. The Proud Unit Series was originally going to be outsourced but it ultimately led up to us purchasing the screen printing equipment and bringing the business completely in-house. That’s where the family is right?

Since the first shirts were printed from the shop one family has shown continuous support and extended supreme understanding in regards to our growing pains as a young business. A young Black Business. That family is The Bests.

They single handedly inspired the North Port color way for The Proud Mom Degree and encouraged the production of The Proud Grad Degree shirt (will be uploaded soon). The Husband and Wife give Stolen as gifts. They reach out to me regularly to see what’s new and – unbeknownst to them– that always happens at a time when I can use that encouragement.

There was an issue with a shirt they ordered and I agreed to replace it. I admittedly took way too long to rectify that situation. They didn’t hire an assassin to come take me out. They kept it mature and classy. For that I love them and was proud to send out their package yesterday. Needless to say, there were extra goodies in the box acting as my million apologies.

This post is a salute to them and the support they give us. You are appreciated.


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