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Lab Work #3

We do a fair amount of work at Stoutfitters. Basically, we do everything short of sewing the shirt (and who knows what the future holds). Something we do regularly is Print On Demand. We do keep inventory of certain key products but we try to stay swift and changeable to adjust to the market and our target demographic’s taste fluctuations. Not everyone likes our color choices and we are open to suggestions. That pertains to shirt and ink colors.

Just recently, I got 2 orders from my strong peoples, Kaz and Sean. Their orders were considered Print On Demand because we didn’t have any of what they requested in stock and/or had to devise a colorway that didn’t exist prior to the order. For example, The Electic Geometric below is listed on the site but we only printed purple on black originally. The red on black from the shop page was but a theory until it was ordered and produced. This is how we resist commitment to dead stock and having to mark things down to move them. We experiment in our lab and compare notes with our clients to find out what’s wanted and what works. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Peace to Sean and Kaz for the support!

So don’t take the Contact Us page (it’s the drop down under Blog) for granted. If you have a request as far as colorways are concerned, by all means submit it. If it can be done, we will do it. You get to sport it AND a shout out in a Lab Works post.




3 thoughts on “Lab Work #3

  1. Looking Good from here, Got my email saying they on the way. Thanks for the fast order. I can rock em when I head to NJ & Pa next week. Suggestion…..for the tees that don’t have a Stolen logo, can one be put on the sleeve, or back ( top neck) or like the left bottom of shirt?

  2. As I got my order, I see the logo on back…..Well Done! 🙂 XL fits just fine. Thanks Stolen-Outfitters

    1. I meant to let you know we put a sign off on the back of each shirt because the front doesn’t always say Stolen. I’m happy you got your shirts in a timely fashion and still, I apologize for the delay. We sincerely appreciate your patronage because every purchase helps us to further establish our position as outfitters. New Lab Works coming today….. -Don

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