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Lab Work #1


Here’s a little Lab Work (which we’ll probably make into it’s own category). Here we test shirt styles against designs and colorways to see what makes sense. The result is a lot of one of ones that we use as working models to gauge the public. We’ve been using Twitter and Facebook to showcase the experiments but now we have a blog so….BAM!!…we’re dumping flicks over here too.

Deposit your feedback in the comment section and, if it’s that useful ( realistic, constructive, technical, fashion-forward, etc.. ) you might win something ( “something” meaning a shirt and “might” meaning there’s a damn good chance ).







3 thoughts on “Lab Work #1

  1. Peace Yall. I think the “tank tops” are real fly but the baseball Tee really caught my attention. I’d like the purchase that ASAP! SOOO many dope designs! I’m glad to see things are continuing to evolve!


    1. Glad to hear that! I’m a fan of baseball tees because of the sleeve color variations and they’re super casual. There is a contact us drop down under blog. Use that email form to request the lab works shirt you have your eye on. Thankhs!


  2. You never cease to amaze me with your keen sense of true style and knowledge. But what is more remarkable is how you intertwine the two to make a fashion statement… That’s deep…. I love it! One love… Peace…..

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