Log Off Cloud B-Posites

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Be not chained to your online persona. Log off….now.

This is simple Stolen philosophy. Social Media is extending the proverbial 15 minutes of fame to whosoever registers an account and is willing to post content to drive traffic and raise ad value of their given platforms. That in itself is business and understandable. However, when the thirst for content leads to uploading fights, engaging in self-objectification, instigating arguments under guise of debate, blatant lying for emotional draw, faking suicides for sympathy, etc….it’s time to log off of the internet and log into self. Chances are the better you know you and understand the world we live in the more accurately your content will reflect this. That’s not to say the aforementioned aren’t part of these times but they are not the sum total and we all have a choice as far as what we will commit ourselves to, what we will support and what we will shun.

This is a reinterpretation of an OG design. The chain forming the “@” is printed w/ reflective ink. Printed on 100% ringspun cotton.


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