In many ways 2020 was the best of times and the worst of times. December of 2020 was definitely the worst of times to ship anything around the US...and out of GA specifically. It was for this reason that we decided not to promote any products during that period of parcel peril. We (being ME b/c I ship everything) have learned from experience (meaning losses of money, time effort, customers, etc) to wait that type of storm out w/ unsold goods rather than attempt to walk through it w/ orders paid in full. 

That storm has passed. We're still mid-pandemic...but...the manufacturers seem to be restocked and supply packages are arriving on time. We have to get back to hustling. 



A different storm came though. It postponed our first vending appearance of 2021. We basically try to make it into every Atlanta Indie Market date we can. The rain pushed their 2/13 event a week into the future to 2/20. Hopefully, the rain has made plans to be elsewhere. I mean, it is always needed somewhere...and we have clearly gotten some. Spread that love around...

On the topic of love, if you are on, around or are willing to travel to 1036 White St SW Atlanta ( Behind the Best End'll see tents) , please come show us some and we will be sure to give it right back. We're reciprocal like that. We're trying to make it fashionable actually. 

Speaking of being responsibly fashionable, how does our new site feel to you? We haven't had a bonafide shop site in about 6 years and we didn't want to do anything we did before. In the interim, I have REALLY learned to appreciate minimalism in web design and what it does for the content and thus the whole goal was to keep everything stripped down and highly functional wherever it is being engaged. With that said, we are diligently tinkering and toiling to produce the high garments you expect from Stolen Outfitters while also inviting you into our world by way of this site and the social media satellites soon to be evolving from it. 

Please stay tuned.